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Denisse Macias

Welcome to my personal tips for success when selling your home. I have faith you are doing well! If you’re thinking about selling your home, it’s essential to be prepared and plan ahead. Here are a few first steps to take as you move toward officially listing your house on the market!  

1. Declutter & Clean the Space 

  • Room by Room: Evaluate the overall layout of your home. If you begin to feel overwhelmed with how much work is ahead, rest easy! The most efficient way to tackle a big project is to go step by step. In this case, go room by room! Take careful time to work through each room separately.
  • To Keep or Not to Keep: Clear out closets and remove items from shelves. Place everything in the center of the room. This will allow you to sort through all of your personal belongings and create piles of items to keep, donate, or throw away. There are a variety of local charities that will take donations of gently used items and furniture. 
  • Deep Clean: Once you have been able to clear each room and sift through your belongings, take the time to deep clean the space. Pull bookshelves and beds away from the wall, then wipe down walls with a fresh cleaning product. Vacuum carpet and sweep/mop all flooring. Dust blinds and ceiling fans. Make sure to make the space sparkle!

2. Minimize Staging your Rooms

Should you stage your house or leave it empty? It depends. A recent study revealed that homes pre-staged sell 6% higher above the asking price than homes that do not stage. If you are still living in the home during the sales process, you will want to minimize each room’s layout. 

  • Touch it Up: You have completed a deep clean of the home, now tackle some repairs. Minor improvements and a coat of fresh paint in areas will help with the home inspection report.  
  • Rearrange for Change!  A small shift or rearrangement of your furniture and heavy items creates a more spacious vibe in each room. This will give your house a whole new feel and look!  It will give the buyer a sense of ownership possibility when the space feels more like a “home.” 
  • Store personal items: Make sure to pack away any excess decor or miscellaneous items that take up too much space. Secure your valuables and personal items such as medications in a private area. 

3. Curb Appeal Matters

It’s not just the inside of the house that sells a property. The curb appeal and exterior view is a buyer’s first impression, and the most important! Declutter and store outside items such as patio furniture, recreational toys, and lawn equipment. If you have a flower bed or garden, prune and trim as best as you can. You can even plant new flowers or shrubs to give the exterior more character! This will give your home the best chance to shine in photos as well!  

With your home now ready, your listing process will be that much smoother. 

These tips will set you on the path to a successful home sale!  Follow me for more information on the real estate market in your area.  Make it a great day!



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