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As a Certified International Property Specialist, my goal is to be an advocate for each of my clients. But I'm not just looking to build a portfolio of clients to work with; consider me your tour guide for buying and selling a home! It is essential to understand each person's unique needs. Your financial goals are important to you, so they are important to me.

Each buyer should be matched with the right home for them, and each seller should find the most lucrative outcome. I pride myself on being a Global ambassador for people looking to purchase or sell in or outside of the United States. My process involves researching each market and specific regulations for buying and selling from abroad or right down the street. This global approach to real estate, even if you are buying or selling a home in your city, allows me to uncover the best options for you and your family.

Whatever your home buying needs are, my job is to support you and connect you to the right person, agency, or company that can bring you the successful sale or purchases you desire.

I take great care in every sale and love to see my clients succeed and move on through their journey. My passion for helping people and being an advocate comes from my background, and specifically, my mom has always taught me to lead with my heart and strength.
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